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Whistleblower Hotline Services & Ethics Reporting: Canada

The Premier, Confidential Ethics Reporting System

ConfidenceLine is recognized as the pioneer of 'whistleblower' ethics reporting systems in Canada. With national alliances and global capabilities, we have been providing communication tools and workplace reporting programs since 1992.

ConfidenceLine is a communications program that allows employees, contractors and shareholders to anonymously report wrongdoing and sensitive issues within the workplace. ConfidenceLine addresses the legislated requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley and Multi-Lateral Instrument 52-110 pertaining to the new Corporate Governance Best Practices requirements governing publicly traded companies.

More than just a whistleblower service:

ConfidenceLine provides a user friendly conduit of information 24/7, either through third party intervention or a direct web based correspondence system. Both options are user friendly and designed to facilitate immediate access. These systems provide invaluable information that ensures all levels of an organization remain connected.

ConfidenceLine is owned and operated by Xpera HRservices, a subsidiary of SCM Insurance Services, and a sister company to one of Canada's leading risk mitigation, investigations and security consulting firms. This affiliation allows ConfidenceLine to offer yet another component that few others can, the ability to provide immediate solutions that deal with urgent or sensitive issues should they arise. It is a priority of ConfidenceLine to ensure privacy and security regarding all reporting and access systems. Embracing PIPEDA and PIPA legislation and leading the industry, ConfidenceLine ensures that we ourselves set the example of compliance.

Whistleblower Hotline Service and More!

ConfidenceLine provides flexibility to assist all types of businesses, including government and non-profit organizations develop programs that fit individual needs in dealing with ethics and workplace compliance issues. ConfidenceLine provides a cost-effective program, usually 30%-40% less than if a company were to try to create their own.

Scale our solutions to fit your organization's needs:

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