ethics reporting via confidential telephone

Essential Service: 1-800 Call Center Service

Anonymous Phone Reporting Service for Employees

  • An employee dials the 1-800 number to report the concern. 
  • The interviewer asks a series of questions relating to the incident or concern. 
  • An email alert is sent to the client designate to inform them that a new report has been received. 

The report is stored securely on the web application only.  Only pre-determined company designates have access to the ConfidenceLine web application and reports.

The client designate communicates with ConfidenceLine directly through the messaging feature provided within the web application, and can relay any further questions, instruction or communication required to the employee. 

The program allows for confidential storage of investigation notes for client purposes only.

  • Global capabilities with international toll-free access for a company, its employees and affiliates.
  • 24 X 7, 365-day access.
  • Bilingual English / French services.
  • Multilingual capabilities.
  • Dedicated Spanish line.
  • Special instructions and referrals required to deal with any level of crisis.
  • Guidance and assistance with program implementation and ongoing customer service support to properly promote and monitor the effectiveness of the program.
  • Professional investigation and emergency response support by ex-law enforcement officers and trained investigators is available through Xpera Risk Mitigation.


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corporate whistleblower hotline service and programs
  • Anonymous
  • Easy to Use
  • Immediate
  • Web-based
  • Phone-based

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