Online ethics reporting and whistleblower program for business in Canada

E-Web Reporting Service

Confidential, online reporting by employees

ConfidenceLine offers a secure, state-of-the-art, web reporting communication process that allows for direct and confidential communication between the caller and their employer. This communication tool permits the employee to anonymously log on to ConfidenceLine from a designated domain and communicate any concerns via a secure web reporting system.

The program easily leads the employee through the process, first asking them to choose a topic, then guiding them through a series of questions relating to their concern. The employee is issued a user name and password to protect their identity.  This password permits them to log back in at a later date to see if the company requires further information regarding the issue, or to receive an update on their report.  If required, communication can be scheduled in a chat room forum, whereby the company designate and the caller can communicate in real time. 

Secure dialogue regarding the report continues until the company determines that the issue is resolved and/or the file is closed. 

This form of communication is directly linked with the company's appointed designate only.  It provides an alternative to employees when they feel disclosure to a third party may not be ideal.



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